17 Feb 2020

The new Universal Alloy Corporation factory

​Under construction in Tauttii Magheraus-Baia (RO)

The new Universal Alloy Corporation factory, now in construction in Tautii Magheraus-Baia Mare City, is the largest construction project in Romania for 2019. This project was a real challenge for the AARTT team – Romanian partner of Kingspan Light + Air international – as they were involved in this project from the beginning regarding continuous rooflights with integrated smoke exhausts flaps (involved in rooflight dimensions, calculation of aerodinamical area and finding the optimal cost effective solution for the project).

The AARTT team also designed and supplied all the support structure necessary for mounting the rooflights. This project is also is impressive because of the speed of the construction progress. In 6 months AARTT was able to deliver and install almost 90% of the entire quantity of products (a total of 230 pcs. diffrent lengths – 6m, 10m, 30m, 76m), all at the request of the project beneficiary, as the proposed project deadlines stretches into mid 2020.

Taking into account the tough competition in the Romanian market for these products, the AARTT team finally succeded in convincing the beneficiary to choose them and KLA because of the following trump cards: – Kingspan – wordwide brand recognition as high quality products:
– Flexibility in payment planning in accordance with installation progress
– A permanent correct and professional approach to all the beneficiary's requests and expectations

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