Kingspan Light + Air realized a complete smoke management solution

The new logistics platform for the online sales company Ekosport, specialized in the distribution of sporting goods, was put into service in spring 2017.

The question was to offer a solution using natural smoke extraction instead of a mechanical solution for as well the warehouse as the showroom and the offices. It also had to be applied on several floors. The buildings have a surface of 8600 m² + 2000 m² spread over 3 levels.

The Installation of ducts equipped with smoke extraction shutters leading to smoke vents on the roof, coupled with front window openings.

Particular care has been taken in the lacquering of the frames, the very specific color of which was sent to us by Arcelor in order to maintain perfect homogeneity of the facade.

Our Solution :

  • 52 Ecovision PN
  • 44 Ecovision PN for air inlets
  • 4 Ecofeu Premium Alu 160 PN
  • 34 Ecofeu 160 PN, 3 Ecofeu 110 SCE
  • 2 x 8 smoke frame Optone et Plafone
  • Smoke curtains – Ecoscreen
  • Pneumatic and electrical control system.

Realised by Kingspan Light + Air FR

Kingspan Light + Air International