Safety, indoor climate and sustainable important

Kingspan Light + Air contributes to the comfort, fire safety and durability of this school – with ± 1500 students- by means of a sustainable natural smoke ventilation system which uses the natural elements air and daylight. Objective was to build an energy neutral school with a pleasant learning environment. Daylight and fresh air play an important role for example the atrium and restaurant of the building.

Smoke and heat ventilation: dual purpose

For this purpose Kingspan Light + Air advised and installed a natural smoke ventilation system consisting of 37 Ecovision ventilation windows for air inlet and 24 Optima louvred ventilators in the glass roof for air outlet. The system is not only installed for fire safety purposes but is also used on a daily basis for ventilation.

The architect of the building, Jean-Michel Buron of Epicuria Architectes, is very satisfied with the result from an architectural as well as technical point of view.
“From a technical point of view, innovative  technologies have been selected to reach our environmental-friendly goals, especially regarding the energy consumption” Jean-Michel Buron, Epicuria Architectes

Louvered ventilators and ventilation windows

The Optima is an energy efficient louvred ventilator that is completely thermally separated. Not only the louvers, but the base with the gutter construction is also thermally separated. The Ecovision ventilation window has also been applied in its most durable option, and some of the windows have been specially designed with a trapezoidal shape to adapt to the main glass construction rooflight.





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