Renovation rooflights for daylighting and natural smoke management for military Camp Sainte Marthe

It took almost 2 years of preparation, for the Marseille sales team together with the BETEREM design office, to identify the right technical solutions and build the confidence and transparency necessary for a project of this scope.

Only a few companies were able to both supply and install smoke vents and arcade rooflights on such an exceptional site. Kingspan Light + Air’s technical, financial and human capacity made it possible to win this project.

The  Sainte Marthe Camp is a sensitive military site so we had to show our “white leg”! All Kingspan Light + Air employees involved had their criminal records screened!

Our Solution :

  • 585 ml of Ecofil arcade rooflight
  • 58 Ecofeu DV110 HPA smoke vent – 200 x 300 integrated inside arcade rooflight
  • 600 ml of smoke curtains, medium height 2 m
  • 183 Ecobac 160 PN HPA – 130×250
  • 25 Ecofeu 160 PN for renovation – 140 x 140
  • 28 smoke contrôl system dual-zone
  • 96 Lamellas
  • 700 m² of translucent strips on a roof to cover

Realised by Kingspan Light + Air FR

Kingspan Light + Air International